10 Questions to consider before installing a photovoltaic system on your facility…

Are solar photovoltaic roof systemphotovoltatic roofing installationIs the roof area completely free from shade during all daylight hours all year round?

If you facility has a sloped roofing system, is the south facing slope large enough for the photovoltaic system which best fits the facility’s needs?
Is the area of the rooftop large enough to support the PV system without causing a safety hazard or preventing access to equipment?
If using a racking system, does the racking system allow for proper access to equipment and panels for maintenance or repairs?
Is the structural support of the building sufficient for the proposed PV system dead loads, snow loads, and wind uplift resistance?
Will the roof system last 20-30 years to match the life of the PV system?

Will the solar system affect the warranty of my roof system and are the installers certified to work on that roof system without voiding the warranty?

Which type of solar system best fits my needs?

Are government or other rebates, incentives, or credits available?
What is the projected payback and ROI on the PV system?
Is financing, capital lease, rooftop rental, or a solar power purchase agreement available?

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