Management Options

  • Do It Yourself Do It Yourself... This option is typically used by companies that do not utilize the full RoofOptions Technology System, but would still like to use the bid platform to drive down costs and obtain apples to apples bids. The Do It Yourself option allows you to award a capital project directly to the contractor of your choice. There are no daily OPM reports provided with this option and capital expense history reports do not update within your online management system. There is no charge to a buyer to utilize this service and the contractor awarded the project pays an award fee to RoofOptions.
  • Professional Assistance Professional Assistance... RoofOptions can act as your Online Roof Consultant. An experienced roofing professional is assigned to your project. Your roofing professional helps negotiate pricing with contractors, review contract documents, conduct pre-construction conferences, train installing contractors on performing daily OPM submissions, review and report on daily progress of the project, and assist in project close-out. Upon close-out, you will have a historical archive documenting each day's production of the project as a permanent record, and all capital history reports are updated within your RoofOptions online management system. This service is provided to you at a fraction of what traditional consultants charge.
  • Construction Management Downright Delegated... This option is the most popular amongst those who utilize RoofOptions technology system and wish to not incur any additional costs. For companies who have little time or resources to launch or manage a Roof Replacement project, RoofOptions can act as the contracting agent for your project and construction manage all aspects of your project from start to finish utilizing an onsite RoofOptions CSR. The onsite CSR will be responsible for helping assure that disruption to your day-to-day business is minimized, and each days work is recorded through daily OPMs. These daily reports are stored within your RoofOptions Technology system and can be accessed at any time. These OPM reports will also update your capital expense history reports when the project is 100% complete, assuring that your history reports will always be accurate. RoofOptions handles everything from negotiations, permitting, contracting, payments, conflict resolutions, etc. This service is provided to you at a fraction of what traditional consultants charge, and at times can be provided at no cost to you because construction management fees are recovered through volume purchasing. Speak to a representative to learn more.

What is OPM?

  • OPMs Online Project Management... OPM is a tool that allows our Clients the ability to monitor the progress of their project over the internet. Each day your project is in production you receive an OPM report to your inbox. This report updates you on the percent complete of the project and gives you links to view photos of work completed for the day as well as reports indicating day to day progress. At the end of the project you have an historical archive of your project as a permanent record of work complete within your online portal.