RoofOptions offers the absolute best experience when it comes to emergency roof leaks. Our technicians are trained to go up on your roof and identify the problem areas. Utilizing real-time technology they are able to present the repair items in a proposal format while onsite. Once signed off on, those repairs are performed and reviewed again using real-time technology.
Our technicians are not satisfied by simply fixing your leak; they want to ensure they have done everything possible to make you happy. Fanatical Customer Service is not just our trademarked coined phrase. It is a literal standard that each RoofOptions employee is held to. Through customer surveys and client feedback forms, RoofOptions provides incentives and promotions to those employees that demonstrate the highest level of Fanatical Customer Service.

Roofs Leaks Fixed Fast

When it comes to roof leaks, you need quick response. RoofOptions emergency leak service offers:

1. Guaranteed 15 minute response time
2. Targeted 2hour emergency ETA
3. Real-time Fedex style tracking system that allows track the work order
4. Instant proposals, completed work tickets, and invoices
5. Historical records of all leak calls within the online work order history report
6. Fanatical Customer Service that is sure to exceed all expectations

RoofOptions Service Dispatch platform which allows for mobile dispatch, Fed Ex style tracking of leak resolution, and wireless invoicing, including pictures of the problem and resolution. All of this at the push of a button, without ever even talking to a contractor.

Nationwide 24/7 Emergency Leak Service

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