The secret is out and some of the largest commercial real-estate owners and corporations are jumping all over it. What is it? It is the simplest and most effective way for you to truly manage your most expensive facility asset: your roof. With our patented “Contractor Mobile Connect” technology, having to spend hours pulling capital and expense budget reports or digging to compile work order histories are over. Get the control, visibility, and consistency at your finger tips without having to enter any data to get it.


Get the bids you need... Fast! Utilizing our absolute bid platform, RoofOptions can obtain a minimum of five bids within a ten-day period of time. All bids that are submitted through the platform are apples to apples based upon the same specification. The absolute bid platform requires bidders to submit their best numbers prior to the absolute bid date. Contractors know that they do not get a second chance, and therefore submit their best price.

Contractor Mobile Connect

Contractor Mobile Connect eliminates the need for you to do any data-entry. Your RoofOptions technician plugs directly into your online management system utilizing his remote device. This allows him to take photos, punch-in and out, and even generate proposals in real-time. All his repair quotes, and replacement values, instantly become available for CAPEX budgeting purposes. When work takes place, it is inputted by the contractor and instantly your condition reports are updated and your historical spend reports are available. All without ever doing any data-entry.
Bridging the gap between contractors and asset management reports using "Contractor Mobile Connect"
This just changed everything..!!


When it comes to roof leaks, you need quick response. RoofOptions sets up local vendors familiar with your building to operate on the RoofOptions Service Dispatch platform which allows for mobile dispatch. Fed Ex style tracking of leak resolution, and wireless invoicing, -including pictures of the resolution- are included. All of this at the push of a button, without even talking to a contractor. RoofOptions currently offers our very own dedicated service technicians in a few key markets across the country including: Chicago, Charlotte, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, and Dallas.

Real-time Work Order Dispatch Tracking

Real-time Condition Analysis Reporting

Real-time Work-order History, Expense and Capital Budget Reporting