What is PFRI ?

Phenolic Foam Roof Insulation (PFRI) is a rigid foam board insulation product that was utilized in roof systems in United States and Canada from 1980-1992.


PFRI is installed between the roof and on the top-side of your structural metal roof deck and is not visible from inside your building.

Problem With PFRI

PFRI deteriorates metal roof decks from the top-side down causing severe structural metal loss that in most cases, is not detectable from the interior on a building.

Problem With PFRI

By the time you can observe deterioration from the inside of the building metal loss has accelerated to the point where it is not sufficient to support the weight of individuals servicing the roof.

Deck Remediation

1. Remove and replace all rusted through deck
2. Prepare and coat remaining areas with epoxy coating.
3. Coated areas exhibiting metal loss receive an overlayment new metal decking to restore structural integrity.
4. Areas exhibiting extreme metal loss receive complete removal and replacement of a like-kind deck.