Humble Beginnings, a System Born Out of Necessity

During the Phenolic Foam Roof Insulation (PFRI) product failure, which affected over 30,000 building owners across the U.S. and Canada, RoofOptions was called upon to create systems to assist these owners in specifying solutions, obtaining bids, and supervising projects throughout the country. During a five year period, RoofOptions was retained to assist over 1700 individual building owners in getting through a very challenging Class Action settlement process. The systems created to meet this demand have raised the bar for what is expected of roof management. Out of the necessity of processing a high volume of roof replacement bids and a need to monitor projects “live time” to assure compliance to the class action lawsuit, RoofOptions created the first Electronic Bid Platform, and Online Project Monitoring system in 2002.

The Technology Evolution

In the process of helping companies process their roof settlement claims, RoofOptions ended up working with the “Who’s Who” in corporate America’s facility management. We formed a 5 year developmental partnership with Medtronics, Siemens, Bosch, and Alcon. These companies quickly realized the value of the online facility management solution that we put together for their Phenolic Foam roofs. They subsequently asked us if we could help develop a facility management system for all of their other facilities. This began the “RoofOptions Evolutionary Process”. From 2006 to 2011 we began to address the specific needs of facility managers when it comes to gaining control, visibility, and consistency within their portfolios. The need to have accurate and consistent data when it comes to capital and expense reports, work order and capital project history, and accurate condition reporting is crucial. RoofOptions began developing our online system in order to meet these needs. In 2011 we entered into our final stages of technology development by creating a remote app “Contractor Mobile Connect”, that plugs directly into our Roof Management Reporting System and provides “Real-Time Data” as work takes place on the building. This allows for accurate information to be reported instantly without the facility manager having to do any inputting of data.

Our Roof Expert Team

In 2003 RoofOptions had the need to find and hire some of the leading roof specifiers and buyers in the industry. Specifying the right solution for claimants in the PFRI lawsuit was crucial, but buying the project at the best possible dollar was equally as important. By bringing on industry leaders in procurement, and utilizing the RoofOptions Absolute Online Bid Platform System, we learned how to obtain 5-10 apples-to-apples bids in a 7–10 day period of time. We also quickly realized that by providing all the information contractors need to submit a bid on a project (including videos, photos, cad drawings, and a scope of work) bidders gained such a savings of time and money that buyers were able to recognize this value. Managing projects is not easy, and when it came to the tough challenges with the PFRI lawsuit, it magnified the difficulty. RoofOptions focused on finding the best customer service orientated project managers in the industry. Through our project management options we are able to provide buyers with complete relief of all the “ins and outs” of implementing a re-roof project. More importantly, we are able to help overcome the challenges that can disrupt a business’s day-to-day operations. Each day’s work is documented by our onsite CSR and is sent directly to your roof management system in real-time. In 2010 RoofOptions began focusing not only on the technology of managing roofs, but also the expertise of servicing and managing roof projects. RoofOptions began a rigorous search for some the industry’s best. Over the first 12 month period we hand picked the best of the best service providers in a few key regions across the U.S. We brought them up to speed with our technology and implemented our “Fanatical Customer Service” standard. When you experience a repair/leak service directly from a RoofOptions technician, you will truly understand what sets our service providers apart from the others.